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Frequently Asked Questions

Systems Maintenance - Thursday, 18th July between 6pm and 9pm
Payments using university credit will be unavailable during this time.
Credit & debit cards will continue to be accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I know if I am eligible? 
A. To check your eligibility for a university bursary or award please visit: Scholarships and bursaries - Canterbury Christ Church University

Q. When do my funds expire? 
A. Your awarded funds will be available until your day of graduation. The only exception to this is hardship payments, which are only available for 28 days, please ensure you have withdrawn your funds before they expire. 

Q. What if I don't use all my funds the year I receive it? 
A. Your awarded funds will roll over and accumulate each year until they expire on your day of graduation. 

Q. Do I have to spend the funds all at once? 
A. No, these funds are designed to support you during your studies. You can carry funds over to later in the year or to subsequent years to provide help in the later stages of your programme although it cannot be carried beyond the time you leave the University. 

Q. Do I have to pay the funds back when I leave the University? 
A. No, unless you receive a short-term loan, you do not have to pay your award back. 

Q. What happens if I leave or when I graduate? 
A. Your CCCU Aspire account will be closed once you have graduated.

Changes in my circumstances

Q. What happens if I change courses having received the award or part of the award? 
A. If you transfer course your new course must meet the eligibility criteria for you to continue receiving the award. If the transfer extends the time you will spend studying at the University the award will be capped based on the original course duration less anything you have received to date. 

Q. What happens if I interrupt my studies?   
A. In the event of a formal interruption to your studies which is agreed with the University, your account would be frozen which means you would not be able to access your funds until such time as you re-registered and resumed your studies and your account was re-activated. You will not receive any additional funds where your interruption extends the length of your studies. 

Q. What happens if I am suspended pending disciplinary action? 
A. Your account would be frozen which means you would not be able to access your funds until such time as your suspension was lifted and your account was re-activated. Re-activation of your account would, however, be dependent on the scheme still running at the point your suspension was lifted. You will not receive any additional funds where your suspension extends the length of your studies. 

Q. What happens if I repeat a year of study or part of a year of study? 
A. The funds will continue to be paid during the period of time you are repeating your studies however the maximum value of the funds will not increase to reflect any additional period of time you are studying for. 

Accessing your funds 

Q. How do I login to my CCCU Aspire account? 
A. Visit click the login button on the top right of your screen, enter your CCCU student email and associated password. These are the same details you use for all CCCU accounts. 

Q. My login details don't work, how do I reset my password? 
A. You will need to reset your password for your university email account. If your issue persists, please contact CCCU IT services. 

Withdrawing cash from the CCCU Aspire portal. 

Q. How do I withdraw cash from the CCCU Aspire portal? 
A. If your award allows for cash withdrawal you will see how much you can withdraw once logged into your account. Once logged in click the 'withdraw funds' button on the home page. You can request the value of cash you want to withdraw and confirm that your contact details are correct. Once you have completed your request to withdraw your cash you will receive an email with a reference number, please keep this safe as this is needed later in the process. 

Q. How much can I withdraw? 
A. The maximum limit is your withdrawal balance, this is shown on your screen. The minimum value is £20, or if the balance is below £20 then the full value under £20 can be withdrawn. 

Q. How long does it take for the cash to show in my bank account? 
A. The funds usually transfer instantly but could take up to 2 hours. Please note that if you chose to enter your sort code and account number, please checked these carefully as this cannot be rectified if you enter the wrong details, and the funds are sent to the wrong account. 

Q. My mobile phone number is incorrect, how can I update this? 
A. Please email ku/oc/eripsA-UCCC//ofni/tneduts from your university email account with the correct details. Once your details have been updated you will receive confirmation by email. 

Q. Where do I find my transaction reference number? 
A. Once you have confirmed your withdrawal request your transaction reference number will be displayed on screen. You will also automatically receive an email from ku/oc/eripsA-UCCC//ofni/tneduts with the transaction reference number. You can also find your transaction reference by clicking 'Your Account' and then clicking 'Account Statement'.

Q. I didn't receive the cash after completing the transaction, who do I speak to for help? 
A. Please email ku/oc/eripsA-UCCC//ofni/tneduts from your university email account. Please note that CCCU Aspire can take no liability for incorrectly entered bank account details. 

Q. My bank isn't listed on the login section, how do I complete the transaction. 
A. Most banks are available on Payit, if available you can use your online banking for secure payment into your bank account. However, if you cannot find your bank in your drop-down list, simply enter your bank account number and sort-code.

Q.  I need help with my withdrawal. 
A. Please check that your award allows for cash withdrawal as some bursaries are restricted to only allow spend via the CCCU Aspire Online Store. This can be found in the Withdraw Cash Menu > Cash out balance available, please note this may be different to your overall balance, which considers cash funding and funding restricted to spend on the online store. If your award allows for cash withdrawal and you are still need help, please contact: ku/oc/eripsA-UCCC//ofni/tneduts from your university email account.

Spending your credit on the CCCU Aspire portal. 

If you have been allocated funds that are not cash drawable you can spend these on the CCU Aspire portal 

Q. Where can I spend it? 
A. You can spend your funds online at once logged into your account, click the 'shop'.  

Q. What can I spend my award on? 
A. Please refer to your award email as this may be award specific. 

Q. What if I want to buy something that is worth more than the credit I currently have in my account? 
A. You can use your credit towards the cost and top up the difference with your own credit/debit card or PayPal. 

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